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Foreign Tourists Invade Souvenir Shops in Batam, With IDR 100 Thousand Get Three

Many foreign tourists visit merchants who sell food products in Batam, especially from Singapore and Malaysia. The tourists come before the weekend.
Foreign tourists shopping for imported food products in Batam. - Towards the weekend, many foreign tourists visit merchants who sell food products in Batam.

One of them is Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall.

A trader, Rifki said, since one week ago his merchandise was invaded by many foreign tourists, especially from Singapore and Malaysia.

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He said, the crowd had happened this past week.

The tourists come even before the weekend.

"For example, on Tuesday or Wednesday, there are already lots of people who are bored," said Rifki, Thursday (11/14/2019).

Rifki, who sells a variety of imported snacks, said that almost all the products sold were of interest to visitors, including tourists.

From the narrative of a man who came from West Sumatra, many of them hunt for snacks in Batam because the price is relatively affordable.

"Because we have a sale here. There are two products priced at only IDR 40 thousand, there are also IDR 100,000 that get three, "he said.

Not only foreign tourists who shop, Rifki said many local tourists also shopped in the past week.

Similar to Rifki, imported snack merchants in different places, Ayu said, many people are already hunting for souvenirs, especially for chocolate products.

"Maybe because they want to approach Christmas, so many come from outside the city to hunt for imported chocolate like this," he said.

But Ayu said, the peak of visitors crowd who shop for these foods, only happened on December, next month.

"Now there is an increase of at15 percent, in December there will usually be an increase of up to 100 percent because it is close to Christmas and new year," he said. ( Nabella Hastin Pinakesti)

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