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November Promo, Vicari Brand Shoes in Buccheri Stores Only IDR 190,000

Batam citizens could get at affordable prices on this November for Vicari brand shoes at Buccheri store. They also selling women's product such as bag
Vicari sales showing shoes collection that giving special price of IDR 190,000. - Vicari brand shoes could Batam citizens get at affordable prices on this November.

Vicari shoe shop staff, Fazli said, the promo was incorporated on 'Celebrating of Style' program or celebrating the appearance.

This special shoe promo is given only during November.

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In this promo it provides special price, which is only IDR 190,000 for certain shoe products.

Fazli said, Vicari brand is sister brand from Buccheri that specializes in selling women's products such as bags and shoes.

"But for IDR 190,000 promo, applies to shoe products only," said Fazli, Thursday (11/14/2019).

In general, the collection of shoes belonging to Vicari brand is priced starting at IDR 300,000, while for bags priced starting at IDR 350,000.

Fazli said for Vicari's shoes collection, consisting of various models, such as sandals, high heels, wedges, to flatshoes.

"For this Vicari brand, shoe models vary in color because this brand is designed more fashionable, in contrast to Buccheri brand which tends to be formal," Fazli explained.

Until now, enthusiasts of Vicari brand are still dominated by young women workers to adults.

In Batam, people can find collection of Vicari products in Buccheri shoe store located at Mega Mall, Nagoya City Walk, and most recently in Grand Batam Mall. ( Nabella Hastin Pinakesti)

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