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Why Food Can Affect to Our Mood? Here's the Explanation

Healthy people tend to have good moods, and vice versa. Well, the influence of food for health is very large.

Foods Illustration - Have you ever felt happy and excited after eating certain foods? Or conversely, feel tired because of food?

Apparently, in addition to affecting body health, food can also affect mood.

According to nutritionists, Ayunova, S.Gz, health and body condition are very influential on mood. Healthy people tend to have good moods, and vice versa. Well, the influence of food for health is very large. 

In this case, food can affect mood in two ways, namely directly and indirectly.

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Directly, food nutrition will affect the body. Therefore, it is important to regulate healthy eating patterns and refer to a balanced diet or eating balanced nutrition.

This can be done by consuming a variety of foods, for example 2-3 servings of vegetable protein, 3-5 servings of vegetables, 2-3 servings of fruit, 3-8 servings of carbohydrates, and drinking a minimum of 2 liters or the equivalent of 8 glasses each day. In addition, it must pay attention to the consumption of oil, sugar, and salt to taste. 

Conversely, unhealthy food will also adversely affect health so that it brings bad moods. 

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Whereas indirectly, food affects mood through self-perception of the food consumed.

According to psychologists, dr. Tara De Thouras, in the human brain there is a Limbic System that functions to regulate emotions. Limbic System has many parts, but there are three main nerves that work for emotional control.

First, the Thalamus, which functions to process information entering the brain. Second, the Amygdala which functions to activate emotions, and finally the Hypothalamus which functions to manage memory. 

This Amygdala nerve works when we judge the food we eat is good or bad for the condition of the body. 

Meanwhile, if we have a good perception of a food, then the food can make you feel more comfortable. (*) 

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