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Hotels in Batam Start Using Malay Traditional Clothes As Introduction to Tourists

Hotels in Batam City began to use Malay Traditional Clothes. This policy is in response to the appeal from Mayor of Batam, Muhammad Rudi about this.

Head of Batam Culture and Tourism Department, Ardiwinata. - Some hotels in Batam City began to apply the use of Malay Traditional Clothes for their employees one day a week.

This policy is in response to the appeal from Mayor of Batam, Muhammad Rudi about the advancement of Malay culture.

By a letter, Mayor also delivered several times directly to hotel manager regarding this matter.

"Our circular yesterday was welcomed by hotel management. Call it Best Western Premiere Panbil, Harris Hotel. We hope to be followed by other hotels, "said Head of Culture and Tourism Department of Batam City, Ardiwinata at Batam Center, Friday (6/12/2019).

He said, the use of Malay clothes is also a form of cultural introduction to tourists.

Hotel guests, especially from abroad, are expected to get to know a little Malay culture during the visit to Batam.

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"We appreciate what has been done. And we hope other hotels will follow. But keep in mind, in the use of Malay clothes there are also rules. For example cloth aside for men, there are has own rules. For unmarried, above the knee. For those who are married, the fabric is extended below the knee. Things like this also need attention, "he said.

Ardiwinata said the mayor's circular letter as a follow-up to the implementation of Regional Regulation number 1 of 2018 concerning the Promotion of Malay Culture.

Besides clothing, the hotel is also expected to offer Malay specialties on its menu list.

For example providing lendot as a snack option.

Or traditional Malay cakes of various shapes and flavors in hotel breakfast dish.

"Hopefully this way the seventh charm, memories, can be realized. So tourists are interested in returning to Batam again, "he said.

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