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Throughout 2019, Foreign Investment in Batam Reaches 359 Million US Dollars

Investment realization in Batam continued to increase. This is stated by Batam Business Entity (BP) who continues to strive and improve the economy.

Investment illustration. - Batam Business Entity (BP) as manager in Batam's free trade area and free port, continues to strive and improve the economy through Foreign Investment (PMA).

Head of Promotion and Protocol Public Relations Bureau Dendi Gustinandar said investment realization in Batam continued to increase.

Some foreign investors or foreign direct investment (PMA) invest their capital and start building industries in Batam Island.

Realization of Foreign Investment Investment (PMA) in Free Trade Zone and Free Port (KPBPB) Batam in 2019 increased recorded at USD359 million compared to the Realization of Investment in 2018 of 326 million US dollars.

"The total investment value that has been recorded is based on data that has been collected by Online Single Submission (OSS) application through Directorate of Traffic Goods and Investment BP Batam, in 2019 has reached a value of more than USD359 million. The figure came from 108 companies that absorbed more than 15,000 Indonesian workers, "said Dendi, Friday (1/24/2020).

Dendi continued, the details of new investment value of 229 million US dollars more, consisting of 83 companies.

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The value of this new investment absorbs more than 7,000 workers.

While the investment expansion value is more than 130 million US dollars, this new investment comes from 25 companies and absorbs more than 7,900 workers.

The new investment sector includes hotels and restaurants; Manufacture of medical instruments, machinery, electronics, electrical and optical equipment; Wood industry; Manufacture of machinery, electronics, medical instruments, electrical equipment, precision, optical and clock; Leather and footwear industry; Rubber and plastic industry; Rubber industry, rubber and plastic goods.

Manufacture of motor vehicles and other means of transportation; Paper and printing industry; Chemical and pharmaceutical industry; Basic metal industry, metal goods, not machinery and equipment; Food industry; Other services, Construction; Electricity, gas and water; Trade and repair; Fishery; Mining; Housing, industrial estates and offices; Transportation, warehouse and telecommunications.

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