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Police Reveal Corpse Identity that Found Floating at Pier of Karimun Customs

The identity of the male corpse that was found floating around the Pier of Karimun Customs was discovered. See the details.

Illustration of a Corpse - The identity of the male corpse that was found floating around the Pier of Karimun Customs was discovered.

Head of Criminal Investigation Unit Karimun AKP Herie Pramono said the body was Asrin (55), a resident of Bukit Tiung, Tanjungbatu Village, Kundur District, Karimun Regency, Riau Islands (Kepri).

"The results of the interim examination, there were no signs of violence," said Herie, Wednesday (01/29/2020). 

At this time, he said, Asrin's body had been handed over to the family for burial.

Herie explained, the identity of the corpse was found out after the family reported the loss of his family because he did not return home two days ago.

His party then matched the characteristics expressed by the family to Asrin's body.

"After matching, from there the family confirmed that the body found was the body of Asrin," he explained. 

Before being found dead, Asrin had asked for money from his son, but was not given.

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Since then, Asrin did not return home. 

"Confession from the victim's family, Asrin is suspected of having a mental disorder," he said.

Reported earlier, Asrin was found to swell and float around the dock of the Office of Supervision and Service of Customs and Excise (KPPBC) Type B Customs B Tanjungbalai Karimun, Tuesday (1/28/2020) afternoon.

When found, the condition of the corpse floats by wearing a black and white shirt and brown trousers.

Next the corpse was brought to Muhammad Sani Regional Hospital for autopsy to find out the cause of death of the victim. (*) 

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