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Anticipating Corona Virus, Passengers at Batam Center International Port Wear Masks

The use of masks has increased because Corona virus, could be seen in Batam Center International Port. They want to leave for Malaysia and Singapore.

Some passengers who had just arrived from Malaysia at Batam Center International Port were wearing masks on Thursday (1/30/2020). - The use of masks has increased since the outbreak of Corona virus.

This condition is seen in Batam Center International Port.

Based on observations, passengers who want to leave or arrive in Batam on average already use a mask as mouth and nose cover, both children, adults or the elderly.

One of the visitors who was about to leave for Malaysia, Meri said that she wanted to go on vacation with her big family in Singapore, then Malaysia.

Since the Corona virus issue, according to her this trip is quite risky.

But they can't cancel the departure.

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"If we cancel our money will run out. Like it or not we need to leave. Instead of being scorched, we still leave with positive thinking and do not open the news since morning," she said.

The whole family, starting from 3 children, husband, mother and father-in-law seemed to use a blue mask.

She also seemed to emphasize to her youngest son to not open the mask who was installed.

"Wear the mask El, don't take it off," Meri said as she looked at her son in a red shirt.

Not only that, some passengers who had just arrived from Malaysia also appeared to be wearing masks when they stamped their passports at Batam Port Immigration Center. ( Uly Sianturi)

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