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Impact of Corona Virus, Singaporean Travelers Bought Lot of Masks While in Batam

Corona virus in Singapore is increasing day by day. This makes the Singaporean tourists who were in Batam are wary. Most of them bought masks in Batam NUR FADILLAH
One of pharmacies in Batam. Pharmacy officials claim, the sale of masks increased since yesterday, Tuesday (1/28/2020). In fact, today's stock has run out. - The number of patients affected by Corona virus in Singapore is increasing day by day.

It is known, until now, Wednesday (01/29/2020), a total of seven patients were recorded.

Previously there were only five people.

This makes the tourists from Lion Country who were in Batam are wary.

As a result, most of them bought masks or human breathing protectors while in Batam.

"Most people who buy are Singaporeans, sir. They say come here to buy masks," said a pharmacist in Batam Center area to TribunBatam.

Anticipating Corona virus, Passengers at Batam Center International Port Wear Masks

According to this well-built man, the tourists were even willing to buy nearly hundreds of mask boxes.

"Our stock has run out since yesterday. If we normally distribute nearly hundreds of boxes. Yesterday, the purchase has increased sharply since Corona virus information began to attack Singapore," he added.

Not only in pharmacies, tourists from Singapore also buy masks at several franchise outlets.

One of them is at a franchise outlet not far from Harris Hotel Batam Center.

"Yes, we also run out, sir. Some of the tourists still had time to buy this morning. That was the last sale," said a female officer to TribunBatam. ( Nur Fadillah)

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