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Batam Customs and Excise Collaboration with BP2RD on the Utilization of the 2021 Tobacco Excise DBH

In Batam, Batam Customs seeks to optimize the use of Tobacco Excise Production Sharing Fund (DBH CHT) in synergy with the Provincial Government.
Batam Customs Visit to BP2RD Kepri related to the coordination of Tobacco Excise Production Sharing Funds in 2021, BATAM -  The Ministry of Finance has distributed Tobacco Excise Production Sharing Fund (DBH CHT) to Local Governments.

In Batam, Batam Customs seeks to optimize the use of Tobacco Excise Production Sharing Fund (DBH CHT) in synergy with the Provincial Government (Pemprov) of the Riau Islands

In this case, Batam Customs coordinates with the Regional Tax and Retribution Management Agency (BP2RD) of the Riau Islands Province. That is the first step in organizing activities using DBH CHT. 

"This first visit is to synchronize the programs that will be carried out between the Riau Islands Provincial Government and Batam Customs, so that the community can actually benefit the use of CHT DBH," said Head of Batam Customs Compliance Guidance and Information Services, Rizki Baidillah in a release received by, Wednesday (3/2/2021). 

Meanwhile, BP2RD welcomes the arrival of Batam Customs openly and has the same view regarding the CHT DBH in 2021. 

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Based on PMK 7 / PMK.07 / 2020 concerning Use, Monitoring, and Evaluation of Tobacco Excise Profit Sharing Funds, there are three things that are funded by DBH CHT.

Namely community welfare with a 50 percent allocation of funds, law enforcement with a 25 percent allocation of funds, health with a 25 percent allocation of funds.

Customs and Excise's concentration is in the field of law enforcement. Namely, by socializing the provisions in the excise sector and eradicating illegal BKCs. 

With the support of the Regional Government, especially in Batam, Customs and Excise plans to disseminate the provisions in the field of excise in several areas in Batam, as well as collect information on the circulation of illegal cigarettes and jointly carry out joint market operations in combating the circulation of illegal cigarettes.

( Ashari Diana Putri)

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