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The Rimbun Air PK-OTW Aircraft Allegedly Crashed Due to Bad Weather in Papua

The Rimbun Air PK-OTW aircraft allegedly crashed due to bad weather in Sugapa, Intan Jaya Regency, Papua. Before it was confirmed that the plane had..
The Rimbun Air PK-OTW Aircraft Allegedly Crashed Due to Bad Weather in Papua. The Rimbun Air PK-OTW aircraft, PAPUA - The Rimbun Air PK-OTW aircraft allegedly crashed due to bad weather in Sugapa, Intan Jaya Regency, Papua. 

Before it was confirmed that the plane had crashed, the plane had lost contact.

It is known, the Twin Other 300 series aircraft was found in the middle of a forest and on a mountain which is 3.5 kilometers from Bilorai Airport, Sugapa. 

"Our assumption is that the weather was bad, because the fog was very thick at the time of the incident," said the 521/DY Mechanics Wadanyonif, Major Inf. Edi Dipramono, Wednesday (9/15/2021).

Edi also said that from aerial observations, the fuselage of the cargo plane looked destroyed and only a few parts were intact.

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"The only intact part of the plane is the middle to the tail, while the cockpit is destroyed," he said.

The Rimbun Air PK-OTW departed from Nabire Regency to Intan Jaya Regency at around 06.40 Eastern Indonesia Time (WIT). 

Then, at 07.37 WIT, Airnav Sugapa made the last communication with the pilot before losing contact.

The Twin Other 300 series aircraft was carrying a crew of three. Namely, Hj Mirza as the pilot, Fajar as the co-pilot, and Iswahyudi as the engineer. 

Head of Public Relations of the Papua Police, Kombes Ahmad Mustofa Kamal, said that the Rimbun Air was carrying cargo in the form of building materials and basic necessities.

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