Change the Protected Forest into a Vacant Lot, Commissioner of PT PMB Threatened 10 Years in Prison

The threat of 10 years imprisonment awaits the Commissioner of PT Prima Makmur Batam (PMB), Zazli. See the details here.

Change the Protected Forest into a Vacant Lot, Commissioner of PT PMB Threatened 10 Years in Prison
The condition of the vacant lot in a protected forest area in Batam which is sold by PT PMB, now has been partially built by residents who are victims of fraud., BATAM - The threat of 10 years imprisonment awaits the Commissioner of PT Prima Makmur Batam (PMB), Zazli.

Not only that, a fine of Rp 10 billion also awaited him after the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK) examined him over allegations of the conversion of protected forest in Punggur, Batam.

As told by the Director of Law Enforcement (Dirjen Gakkum) Criminal KLHK, Yazid Nurhuda in his official statement, Tuesday (02/25/2020). 

"ZA was arrested at the time of the sudden inspection by the Director General of Law Enforcement of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry and Commission IV of the Indonesian House of Representatives. During the inspection, it was found that there was a land clearing activity in the protected forest area of Sei Hulu Lanjai using heavy equipment by PT PMB," he said.

Yazid continued, his party also confiscated three heavy equipment in the form of excavators, one bulldozer, and seven dump trucks on site. 

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"According to ZA's confession, the area has been worked out and built for housing. The number of house that has been sold as many as 3000 of lots," he continued.

PT PMB also made the sale to consumers on credit with the size of a house measuring 8 X 12 square meters and a plot of shop houses covering an area of 5 X 12 square meters. 

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For this case, Yazid said, if efforts to rescue and restore protected forest areas are the priority and also should be a commitment of the local government. 

Determination of Zazli as a suspect has been carried out since yesterday, Monday (2/24/2020).

Zazli was named as a suspect after an intensive inspection by KLHK. 

Zazli is currently imprisoned in Salemba Class I Detention Center, Central Jakarta.

Zazli allegedly violated article 98 paragraph 1 of Law Number 32 Year 2009 concerning Environmental Protection and Management. ( Nurfadillah)  

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